Social Media & Community Executive, Malaysia

Social Media & Community Executive, Malaysia
Marketing & Business Development

Kaodim has built a community and network that brings together the best professionals, from plumbers to wedding planners with the millions of Malaysians who are looking for their services everyday.

Over the last 2 years, tens of thousands of Malaysians have transformed their homes, married their soulmates or learned a new language. There are some really amazing stories to tell and we want you to tell them!
With our technology, professionals have experienced unprecedented growth in their business and rely solely on Kaodim to meet new customers.

These stories and the community behind them, is the backbone of what makes Kaodim one of the most transformative startups to hit Southeast Asia. Kaodim’s hyper growth across Southeast Asia has attracted some of the best investors in the world, and we are leading the way in Southeast Asia in what is commonly termed as the next frontier.

Kaodim is one of the most disruptive, and novel business models to be introduced in Southeast Asia in years. Just like how e-commerce and ride sharing apps have reshaped the way people buy products and get around, just less than a year old, our applications have transformed the way people hire services from plumbers to yoga instructors. This is a revolution of an entire billion dollar services industry and you get to be part of it.

What you can look forward to:

  • Work alongside the marketing, business development and content team to create and share exciting, engaging and informative marketing campaigns on social media.
  • Jam with our talented marketing team across the region to come up with new impactful marketing initiatives on all channels including social media and email to engage our service providers and customers.
  • Work on marketing ideas that span many different verticals from home repairs, to yoga lessons and wedding planning, challenging the limits of your creativity, adaptability, versatility and knowledge.
  • Be solely responsible for all social media and marketing accounts including Facebook, Instagram, email and others in Malaysia.
  • Look forward to inspiring, motivating, creating, experimenting and challenging your team with novel and impactful projects and campaigns.
  • Collaborate with the marketing team to execute impact online and offline growth campaigns that drive user and vendor acquisition and brand visibility. We need you to appreciate the value of super creative, lovely, engaging marketing campaigns.


What you’ve got:

  • Degree from a reputable university;
  • Fresh graduate or 1-2 years experience in a marketing role with a strong social media component;
  • If you’ve had a marketing and content role in a start-up before, we’d be thrilled;
  • Very solid understanding of social media marketing, advertising, search engine marketing, content, blogs, video content, email newsletters, search engine optimisation, viral marketing, influencer marketing;
  • Excellent copy writing, business writing skills;
  • Good sense of humour, creativity, wit and a super likeable personality;
  • Basic understanding of psychology, sales, design and art;
  • Exposure and understanding of Instagram, Google and Facebook analytics

Who you are:

  • Loves to hustle, energetic, moves fast and delivers against aggressive timelines;
  • Insatiable desire to work super hard to build amazing stuff and share it with the world.
  • Super creative, lots of ideas, really artistic and you know how to tell some excellent stories!
  • Strong judgment, sharp business acumen and a love for marketing and advertising.
  • Vibrant, affable personality
  • Excellent communicator with brilliant writing skills.
  • Super organised, structured and composed.
  • You share the dream of the potential in this startup.

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