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Content Marketing Intern

Do you love creating engaging, impactful content? Do you enjoy coming up with unique angles and innovative ways to tell a story? Do you have revolutionary ideas that can empower people to help businesses succeed? Do you feel that your ideas are fresh, creative and brimming with the potential to impact thousands of viewers daily?
At Kaodim, we believe in the power of creativity. Our ideal content marketing intern would be someone who enjoys brainstorming on bigger and better ways to promote our brand and services, thrives on learning new strategies to improve content marketing, inspired to think outside the box and most importantly, passionate about acquiring new skills in all areas involving content marketing. This internship will grow your strengths, creativity and knowledge in a fast-paced, vibrant environment.
If you answered "YES" to all the questions above, Kaodim invites you to apply for our Content Marketing Internship Position.

Here's a taste of what you would experience as a Content Marketing Intern in Kaodim:

-Work closely with the Senior Content & Community Executive and the marketing team to produce attractive, engaging, high-quality content with an attention to accuracy and detail for primarily for Kaodim’s social media channels, email newsletters, blogs, slideshows, photographs, videos and website content.
-Be responsible for all social media and marketing accounts including Facebook, Instagram, email and others across the region.
-Jam with our talented marketing team across the region to come up with new impactful marketing initiatives on all channels including social media, blogs and emails to engage our service providers and customers.
-Work on marketing ideas that span many different verticals from home repairs to office maintenance and wedding photography, challenging the limits of your creativity, adaptability, versatility and knowledge.
-Look forward to inspiring, motivating, creating, experimenting and challenging your team with novel and impactful projects and campaigns.
-Collaborate with the marketing team to execute impact online and offline growth campaigns that drive user and vendor acquisition and brand visibility. We need you to appreciate the value of super creative, lovely, engaging marketing campaigns.
-Create video slideshows and simple graphics to enhance the social media channels.
-Write engaging, informative content that can be adapted for the blog and other marketing channels.
-Analyze data reports and research market statistics, trends, news and social media content for strategic use.


-Skilled in written & spoken English
-Creative, flexible, and updated on the latest international & local social media & pop culture trends
-A good eye for design or some experience in photography, videography or photo/video editing would be a bonus.
-Familiarity with social media advertising & marketing, as well as storytelling through videos
-Able to think outside the box and produce ideas that will make an impact
-Effective and engaging copywriting skills
-Independent, motivated, able to work under strict deadlines
-Good communication skills
-Comfortable using key analytics tools including Google Analytics and others to measure, analyse, report and act on the results of the content marketing activity
-Familiar with SEO optimisation
-Available for this internship for a duration of 3-6 month(s)

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