Engineering & Data


Software Engineer, Backend

Here in Kaodim Engineering, we seek to solve problems. We are a small team of developers building solutions to serve a scale of thousands of transactions daily in the Southeast Asian marketplace.

We scale our solutions to the data and feedback from our end users . We pass the book and believe in cross-discipline learning in order for us to build a cohesive strategy. We are experimental and pragmatic in problem solving. We agree and disagree in conversations, and are accountable for each other in execution. Above all else, we are a team inside and outside of the rat-race.

You love ideas, and executing them. Having old-school plumbers telling you how they're making dough with just three clicks on the Internet. And your users can tap, swipe and chill to have things cleaned and fixed around the house.

You like building things that make a difference to thousands of people and businesses. You love working with a team as much as you love working with yourself. You honor the hacker code (Levy, Hackers 1984). In the startup of you, you experiment, pivot and aim to win on different tech stacks. You are a strategist in discipline and live for results, and are up for a good sprint.

You have a variety of toolsets under your belt, but will only deploy the best solution for each problem.

Dilbert, if all you have is a hammer...

Be a part of Kaodim, and find your place in changing the Southeast Asian market economy from your machine. Buckle up.

What you'll be working on:

  • Dissect complex business challenges into technical solutions and lead a team of multidisciplinary engineers in executing them.
  • Design, develop and deploy services including search, ranking, matching, messaging, cache, maps, payments and analytics for high availability, low latency, rapid scalability and ease of experiment built on top of internal frameworks.
  • Planning, maintaining, and implementing web development best practices and guidelines through out of all web/backend products.
  • Maintain team SLAs and DevOps standards with quality deployment.
  • Focus on optimization of backend application performance to deliver scalable, smooth, blazing-fast api responses.
  • Code reviews, TDD and improve other related development practices with the team for seamless delivery.
  • Write documentation for your code.
  • Mentoring Junior developers to increase creativity, productivity and quality according to best coding practices.
  • Take operational responsibility for the services that are owned by your team, potentially including taking part in an on-call rotation.

What we'd like to see in the candidate:

  • Solid experience in building and maintaining applications implemented on Ruby, NodeJS, Python, Go, ... etc.
  • Solid understanding in OOP and SOLID principle.
  • Proficiency in algorithms and data structures.
  • Thorough understanding of modern cloud architecture and solutions including areas of networking, compute, storage, security, autoscaling, containers, message queues and data.
  • User and data-centric engineering with systematic problem solving skills
  • Strong analytical, social and communication skills
  • Experience in dealing with Git workflow.

Good to have:

  • Solid experience in Ruby on Rails framework.
  • Solid experience in Postgres Database.
  • Experience with large-scale, distributed storage and database solutions (SQL or NoSQL - PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, Cassandra, Memcached, ElasticSearch)
  • Open source projects contribution.
  • Continuous initiatives to study, prove new technologies, benchmarking, and optimization.
  • Familiar with modern SDLC (Software development life cycle)

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